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Reading News ------------#30,000
Daily Login----------------#3,000
Sponsored Post------------#3,000
Submit Articles------------#3,000
Daily Quiz.----------------- #30,000

TOTAL : #99,000 (Ninety Nine Thousand Naira plus)

NOTE : Referring is Optional …So without referrals you can still earn very much and be paid.


We Pay Referral bonus within less than six hours of making withdrawals is that not excellent also all you need is a minimum referral bonus of #1,500 to withdraw...and we also pay part of your other activities earning starting from 26th of every month depending on our revenue for that particular month(minimum of other activities earnings payout is #3,000 which can be made easily from reading news, sharing sponsored post and logging daily)


Select any of our membership packages
Silver PACKAGE costs #1000
Gold PACKAGE costs #1,500
Diamond PACKAGE cost #2,000

All can earn and withdraw referral bonus daily or other activities earnings monthly once they reach payout threshold.

However the key difference between the three packages lies in their referral bonus earnings capacities.
A SILVER member can only earn #750 for any membership package he or she refers unless he or she upgrades...so when he or she refers either silver, gold or diamond member he or she still earns #750.

A GOLD member can only earn #1,125 at most for referring,so when he or she refers a silver member he or she earns #750....A gold member he or she earns #1,125....A Diamond member he or she earns #1,125,he can earn more if he or she upgrades.

A DIAMOND member earns 75percent referring any package,no restrictions...#750 for silver,#1,125 for gold and #1,500 for Diamond referral. ARE YOU READY to start earning CLICK HERE to register then select a payment mode to either activate your account with autocredit or purchase a coupon code that could be used for your account activation

You are free to
1.Get your coupon codes
2.Upgrade your account
3.Buy your TSHIRTS
4.Pay for your EBOOK

AND also do other activities pertaining to INSTANT KASH..
This list will be updated with time and more qualified persons will be added necessary.
Apart from the members in this list,do not pay for anything into anyone's account..BE SAFE
1.Uka Emeka Edward -08134718286
2.Best Idemudia - 08131818431
3.Akinnagbe Samuel O. - 08148812586
4.Emmanuel Aniedebe - 08074183909
5.JOSHUA Okanya - 0906 035 7938
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7.Jeremiah Faloni - 0906 425 9232
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12.Chiamaka - 0706 957 4505
13. Mrs Nwachukwu - 0907 099 1039
14. Onjefu Increase -07051201589
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