50-Year-Old Nigerian Man Breaks The Internet With His Photo

A 50-year-old man has set the internet abuzz with how young he is as many cannot believe he is actually of that age.

Famed Nigerian photographer TY Bello, who took a birthday shot of the man with his family shared the image on her IG page with the caption;

Mr Fakorede is 50 He and his wife look nothing close to the number .. I couldnt tell the parents apart from their kids .. .. I wont forget the casual hey hi that I gave the celebrant when he walked in .. I thought he was one of his own sons.. . This is so incrediblebut this youth fountain isnt what makes this family #goals.. its the way they Sound together they look super amazing as a family but what never left me was the joy .. the sound of it .. the laughter .. the jokes the singing .. their culture ..the LOVE. Its EVERYTHING! .. Congratulations .. and to you all ! May the next 50 years be even more golden.@bashwale@tayofak:

Nigerian Mans 50th birthday photos

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