Thirty-five(35) political parties under the umbrella of Coalition of Integrity PoliticalParties (CIPP) have declared their support for Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, as theSpeaker of the House of Representatives in the ninth Assembly.

TheSpokesperson of CIPP, Dr. Yakubu Shendam Friday, at a press conference in Abuja endorsed the Houseleader, Femi Gbajabiamila for Speakership of the 9th National Assembly.

He said thecoalition has observed the unhealthy approach, utterances and media attacks onthe person of Gbajabiamila, saying itwas uncalled for.

Shendam saidit would be foolhardy that Gbajabiamila, who has been elected on threeoccasions as a member of the House and as a Majority Leader in the 8thAssembly, with all the security screening conducted and concluded without anyindictment, could be besieged by lightweight political folks in order to havelegitimacy in the tussle for who becomes the Speaker of the House.

TheCoalition wishes to use this opportunity to announce our firm and unequivocalchoice and support for the candidature of Gbajabiamila as the Speaker of theNinth House of Representatives.

Hence, alloperations of the Coalition have been geared towards ensuring the successfulactualization of this project, and for a better leadership of the House ofRepresentatives, and by extension, translate into meaningful policy developmentand administration for all Nigerians, he stated.

Shendamfurther charged Mr President to step-up plans and measures in his determinationto boost economic growth and development, in order to provide gainfulemployment for young Nigerians.