The federal government has pledged to assist the Bauchi state government on the recovery, empowerment and reintegration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the state.

Minister ofHumanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya SadiyaUmar Farouq made the promise Tuesday in Abuja when the governor of Bauchistate, Alhaji Bala Mohammed and his entourage visited her.

She said:There are people who have fled Borno and other parts of the North-east toBauchi because of insurgency. This has led to the huge numbers of IDPs in thestate. Our last visit to IDPs in Bauchi was part of our mandate, because theministry was created by President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure strategic disastermanagement and responses.

Wehave a good team on ground. With the Permanent Secretary, we believe we willleave up to expectation. We are committed and we will do our best to supportBauchi state on recovery and reintegration of IDPs. Our focus is to move frompost conflict to recovery. What I saw in Bauchi when we last visited wasencouraging and I wish other state governments will do the same.

Wewill look at the communities and issues in Bauchi and do the needful. I knowthat your little resources has been stretched, but we will do the needful. Weneed to support and empower the IDPs so that they can live and fend forthemselves and their families. We are also going to ensure that we use theSocial Investment Programme to support them. Reintegration is our focus.

Speakingearlier, Mohammed said the government of Bauchi is ready to partner with theministry in many ways, adding that the state has been exposed due to themigration of people and victims of insurgency from Borno to Bauchi.

Wehave got them into camps and fully integrated them. The problem we have now isthat our facilities have been overstretched. We seek for your assistance. Weneed help to provide water, means of transformation and empowerment so thatthey can feel the impact of the government.

I camehere with my Commissioners and Senior Special Assistants. This is to tell youthat the whole of Bauchi is here to see you and solicit for yourassistance, he said.


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