A 35-year-old trader, Mr Chike Okwunwanne, has petitioned the Nigeria Police Force over an alleged harassment by his estranged lover, Chinasa (surname witheld), who is a former police woman now based in United States of America (USA), following failed marriage plans.

In a petition forwarded to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, in charge of Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos, Mr Umar Manko, Okwunwannes lawyer, Barrister Omobolaji Adejumo, explained how Okwunwanne and Chinasa were match-made by a couple based in US.

A copy of the petition obtained by our correspondent read in part: Sometime in June 2013, a family friend and boss to our client (Okwunanne), Chief Benny Iwule, a Nigerian resident in the United States, introduced our client to one Chinasa, that she is desirous of settlling down with a Nigerian man. In the course of their discussions after phone numbers and contact details had been exchanged, she informed our client that she was 36 years old and our client agreed to the marriage proposal based on the assumption that they were within the same age grade. Not long after marital promises were sealed, she started bossing our client around such that he got fed up with her overbearing attitude, however, he condoned her.

Sometime around July/August 2013, she (Chinasa) volunteered to send some goods to our client to help her resell but he declined. He was therefore surprised when she sent him a message to receive a carton at a clearing agents place in Ajao Estate, Lagos. Upon opening the package, he realised that what she sent were fairly used goods. Our client then told her he doesnt deal in second- hand or fairly used goods, he then decided to keep the goods for her.

Trouble, however, started when Chinasa visited Nigeria late 2013, when Chike discovered she is a 50-year-old.

According to the petition, Eventually when they met and had serious discussions, our client realised that the lady in question cannot be less than 50 years old. At that stage, our client told her he couldnt in all honesty continue with the relationship as the foundation was built on deceit. Around this period, our clients dad was hospitalised and he had to travel to his village to take care of his father.The lady asked for our client to wed her. She then started harassing our client for abandoning her to tend to his father on his death bed. Though the father later died owing to complications from his sickness, yet she refused to show compassion or understanding or any empathy whatsoever.

When our client told her he had expended all his money on his fathers sickness, she asked him to borrow or face her wrath. Not long after, policemen from the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti Street, Lagos, came to pick up our client based on a phantom complaint of theft by Chinasa. On getting to the station, the lady (Chinasa) cornered our client again asking him if he was ready to marry her so she can drop the charges against him. Our client had to agree with her so as not to jeopardise his own freedom as it was three days to the burial of his late father. Our client is not desirous of marrying a lady old enough to be his mother and she has been threatening fire and brimstone that she would use the police to make our clients life a living hell.

The controversial goods as gathered have since been taken into police custody at SCID, Panti,Lagos.__

Responding on the telephone, Chinasa, however, denied ever dating Chike. She explained that their relationship was just for business transactions.

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Chike is my wanted suspect; he is a wanted man. He sold my goods worth $8,000 and used the money to buy a car. He has been invited by the police at SCID. I cannot date somebody like Chike and if we had dated, how come he does not know where I stay in Nigeria? How come he was not at the airport to pick me on my arrival? He was introduced to me for business purposes and not for marriage.

Although I have been told that the goods are with the police but I gave him the goods and not the_ police.He should be the one that will return the goods to me.He is _running from me because I asked for my money. I have not seen Chike and my goods. He duped me and ran away with my money. Tell him to give me my goods. We dont have anything in common except for business. He sold the goods and has refused to give me my money. Chike was introduced to me by Chief Benny Iwule, who is _ based in US.

How does he know I am older than him? Is he my father or parent? I lost my husband but I have a fiance. With my level and exposure, marriage is not an issue to me.

A few hours later, one Pastor Bello Balogun Olusanya of Mountain of Solution, Owo, Ondo State, precisely 10.39 pm on Wednesday, called our correspondent on the telephone on behalf of Chinasa.

Contrary to Chinasas denial that she never dated Chike, Pastor Balogun, during the phone conversation, _explained that Chinasa and Chike actually dated.

He said: Chinasa gave me your phone number to speak with you because she claimed you wanted to publish a story about her. She is one of my members and she is very close to me. She claimed that Chike had duped her of the proceeds of some goods she sent to him for sale. She was actually introduced to that Chike for marriage. She sent me his name in 2013 asking me to pray in order to know if they are compatible for marriage and I told her that God does not approve of their relationship.I told her that even though Chike is single, still he wont marry her.

Speaking from her base in US, Mrs Mercy Iwule, whose husband had introduced Chinasa to Chike, explained that Chinasa was peddling falsehood against Chike.

Chinasa is just harassing Chike for no just reason. My husband and I actually introduced her to Chike, who had been managing our businesses in Nigeria. She said she wanted to marry a Nigerian man and we introduced her to_ Chike not knowing that she was older than him because she has a petite figure. Chike did not steal her goods or use the money to buy a_ car. I was the one who asked Chike to start using the Toyota Sienna car I left in Nigeria because I also have another Toyota Pathfinder Sports Utility Vehicle in our house in Lagos.

She lied to Chike that she was 36 and Chike said he does not want to continue with the relationship when he discovered she was older than him. She then vowed to punish him for breaking her heart and had been using law enforcement agents to harass the poor boy.