By Rotimi Agbana

Since Afro-pop singer, Yemi Eberechi Alade popularly known as Yemi Alade broke into the countrys music scene, after a stint at the Peak Talent Show in 2009, she has been on the steady rise to fame, giving all it takes to write her name in gold.

Yemi Alade

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Sharing her success story in a chat with Showtime, the talented singer noted that the rate at which her hit song, Johnny, became a success has been a major inspiration for her to put in her best.

Its been amazing, Im grateful for where Im at and excited for what is yet to come. God has been faithful. Im thankful to God and my fans. Johnnys success was a milestone for me and it is also a reminder that I need to do more. Life is a marathon and not a sprint; Im a strong believer of setting and smashing goals. Im still very much on the process. There is more to learn and more to conquer, she said.

She added that having a mindset to always be the best at what she does has also been a driving force for her. My driving force all these years has been a winning mindset, I always want to win. And Im thankful for the people around me, for always motivating me, she said.

Recounting how challenging her music journey has been, she said; This is a lot of talk. Challenges would always be there on the road to greatness, but with patience and consistency I have been able to overcome them all. I wake up every morning and go to work. Music is my job and I treat it as such.

She noted that her experiences during the Peak Talent Show are the dearest moments of her music career which helped to build her confidence.

My experiences at the Peak Talent Show built my confidence. Although my music and craft has grown since then, I consider it a dear moment in my career, she said.