It's no longer news, that Nigeria is a major exporter of the crude oil and it's derivatives, I know as you know that, since the discovery of this black gold, Nigeria has been depending on it. Meanwhile, there are several dangers posed by the dependency of Nigeria on crude oil and it's derivatives. Although, crude oil, being major source of income to Nigeria, since the past decades, has helped to provide a means of foreign exchanges, for the country's benefits. Also, most funds generated from the exports of crude oil are used to fund most projects within the country. However, there are some dangers posed by the total dependency on crude oil. Some of which are: 1. It has brought a partial death to Agricultural outputs Do you know, cocoa, palm produce and groundnuts once accounted for about 70% of Nigeria total export before the discovery of the crude oil? Yes that's true. Or have you forgotten the pyramid of groundnuts in Kano? Since the discovery of crude oil, our agricultural exports has drastically reduced. 2. Crude oil now dictates Nigeria Economy Whenever, there's a downturn in the general price of crude oil, boom! Nigeria is in recession. Do you know Nigeria depends solely on crude oil such that crude oil exports account for 95% of Nigeria exports. Any price swing in Crude oil price determines Nigeria Economy. 3. The world's dream for Green energy The world has been aspiring and invented ways for a green, safe and renewable way of creating energy for human consumption, so as to reduce the emissions of green house gases, of which Crude oil is the main emitter of green house gases. The use of crude oil would drastically reduce in the nearest future and definitely affects Nigeria Economy. In conclusion, unless Nigeria diversify its economy, no major change can be made.