We appreciate your interest to advertise your product or service on our platform we look forward to working with you and helping you attract more customers and giving your business,the required reach and audience

Below are our advert rate and types

1.Facebook Sponsored Post:This method is when we use our members Facebook timeline to help your send your product or service across a wide range of persons.
Cost:#20,000/four times in a month 

2.Front Page Text Ad
This are the text ad you see immediately you get into the site with the heading sponsored post.

This medium ensures anyone sees your product immediately they visit the site.


3.FrontPage Image Advert:This means placing the banner or image of your advert on our websites FrontPage,this ensures once anyone visits the site he or she has a high chance of seeing you advert since it will be on the FrontPage.


4.In-Post Image Advert:This is exactly the same as the above front page image advert except for the fact that here your advert is since when among our post

We thank you in advance as we look forward to working with you,kindly note you can chat us on WhatsApp or text us to book your advert or for more negotiations 09014492935.